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Carveti Group joins The LIFT Council

The LIFT Council is delighted to announce that our membership has grown following the decision of

Carveti Group to join us.

Carveti Group is an end-to-end solutions provider which partners with UK health and social care organisations to optimise their estate, maximising its value while improving staff and patient outcomes.

40% owned by the NHS, Carveti Group has 10 years of experience as a trusted and reliable delivery partner in health and social care. It has a deep understanding of the resource challenges facing the sector that has enabled it to develop a strong reputation with its clients for cost-effective solutions to their problems. At its heart the business is founded on the principles of inclusivity, ownership and a wider social purpose.

The team provides a comprehensive framework of management solutions, from strategic estate planning to project management to property development including asset management and estate optimisation through smart sensor technology and data intelligence.

Carveti Group will be represented on The LIFT Council by Nigel Bennett, who has over 30 years’ experience of developing businesses utilising joint venture models, Public Private Partnership (PPP) and private finance.

Commenting on Carveti Group joining The LIFT Council, Sarah Beaumont-Smith, Chair of The LIFT Council said:

‘When I was elected as Chair of The LIFT Council, we set a clear priority as an organisation to grow our membership to ensure we can speak effectively for independent partners in the NHS LIFT programme.

‘We are delighted to welcome Nigel and Carveti Group to The LIFT Council and look forward to benefiting from their experience and input into our work.’

Also commenting on Carveti’s decision to join The LIFT Council, Nigel Bennett, LIFT Council Member said:

‘With a decade’s experience of working as a strategic estates partner for our NHS, Carveti Group has a truly national footprint.

‘We are very pleased to be welcomed into The LIFT Council and look forward to working with our fellow members to help create the healthcare infrastructure our NHS needs in the post-pandemic world.’

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