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LIFT Council submits evidence to MPs on NHS digital transformation

The LIFT Council, the umbrella body for independent partners in the NHS LIFT programme, has submitted written evidence to the House of Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee inquiry on digital transformation in the NHS.

In our submission, we examined: IT and digital transformation in out of hospital settings; how the Government can effectively foster co-operation between the NHS and the private sector to develop and implement innovation in healthcare; and how the creation or exacerbation of digital inequalities can be avoided in digital transformation.

The LIFT Council believes that digital transformation and innovation in the NHS are needed to improve productivity and transform patient and staff experiences and should be given the same political emphasis as delivering new acute sector infrastructure through the New Hospitals Programme. We urged the Committee to examine the need for digital transformation across all care settings as a key priority. The aims of the NHS Long Term Plan to move more services out of hospital settings post-COVID will only be delivered with substantial digital transformation across all care settings. Without specific recommendations from the Select Committee in this space, policymakers may overlook the need for action in this area.

You can read our full submission to the Select Committee here.

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